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GBS Enterprises ("GBS") was awarded the Annual Appreciation Award by Pain-Free Patriots, a charitable organization that helps veterans relieve chronic pain.

GBS CEO Jeff McWey ("McWey") originally heard about Pain Free Patriots about five years ago, and he could empathize with the veterans struggling with constant pain. As a former hockey player, McWey struggled with neck, back and hip pain, and he developed a specialized pillow to help with alleviating those symptoms. Besides contributing financially to the program, GBS now partners with Pain Free Patriots to give every veteran in the program one of its custom-fitted HealthySleep Ultra Tech pillows.

Pain Free Patriots’ vision is to assist Veterans and current Service Members in chronic pain seeking relief. Pain-Free Patriots serve those who are often out of options after treatment at other medical facilities. Pain Free Patriots has coordinated treatment of more than 600 veterans using the latest technologies, advanced protocols, and licensed providers. Over 90% of grant recipients who complete the treatment program report significant relief from pain. All treatments coordinated through Pain Free Patriots are done without the use of any opioids or narcotics.

GBS is a leading provider of furniture protection services, under the Protect All Brand, that includes protection programs for indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, adjustable beds and area rugs. GBS also provides mattress protection services and top of bed products under the Healthy Sleep, Ultra-Tech, and Cool-Tech brands that include mattress and pillow protectors, mattress and pillow encasements, pillows, sheets and blankets. GBS has two large state-of-the-art redundant customer care centers in Deerfield Beach, Florida and Reno, Nevada, and has large distribution centers in Savannah, Georgia and Reno, Nevada.

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