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After a bit of waiting, the Shadow Systems MultiRole (MR) 920 handgun was shipped to me. Being a hit at SHOT Show 2020 they have seen a huge increase in demand. No surprise from me as I am a true believer in their MR918, it is still my EDC. As I said in my earlier review, Shadow Systems pistols are the real deal (read it here). When I spoke with their general manager back in January he told me about their upgrades in the new model. I took away from the conversation the concern of them fixing something that was not broken. Why change the MR918? There is NOTHING wrong with it. Well, I have had the MR920 for over a month, let me tell you I could not be happier!

Shadow Systems MR920 – Introduction:

The Shadow Systems Multi-Role 920 on the first view, has that unique Shadow Systems look. A handsome gun. You WANT to pick it up and hold it. As is standard it ships with a nice range bag, two Magpul magazines, different backstraps, and extended mag well and a packet of gun oil. The MR920 now also ships with thread lock for any mounted optic. Optic mount, but no plates? Do they hate me, or is there witchcraft involved? Well, the latter … as in engineering witchcraft. (Kind of ‘shadowy” if you ask me)

I took it out and fired it right out of the box. That is where the Recoil Control Ledge shows itself. As soon as you handle the pistol the ledge makes your thumb feel as though it has a much better purchase.

The extended beavertail although designed to help prevent slide bite, I think also helps with recoil control. Shadow Systems added small circular cuts on the edges of the tail to help reduce printing as well as not get in the way of drawing the weapon.

The MR920 also has more material added to the slide stop curtain. This is to help prevent any accidental engagement of the slide stop. Also, this gives the frame added aesthetics. For me, although not a big deal, it adds another finer touch.

Right out of the box the MR920 is a pleasure to shoot. The added stability from the Recoil Control Ledge gave me the feeling of better control, I could apply more pressure to my thumb without worrying about my thumb slipping or moving. A pleasure to shoot, it truly is a flat shooting pistol.

No Optic at 10 yards


Clearly, the biggest difference is their patent-pending optics mounting system. Just noting the lack of plates establishes the MR920 in its own league. By a clever modification of the slide, they probably created the best optic mounting system on the market. No plate, just a solid straight mount into the slide, this allows longer heavier screws for a stronger more durable mount. The only trade-off is a shorter extractor assembly.

  • Mounting is simple

  • Remove the cover it ships with

  • Choose the correct shim

  • Place the shim on the rear cut

  • Screw in the option with a dab of thread lock on each screw

  • Go get some freedom.

The slightly heighten sights allow for a co-witness. Remember no plate? So the optic sits slightly lower in the gun. The slightly lower mount gives it a natural look when peering through the optic.

Fits my Bravo Concealment Holster without modification

Shadow Systems MR920 – Specifications:

  • CALIBER: 9×19

  • WEIGHT: 23oz

  • LENGTH: 7 1/8″

  • HEIGHT: 4 3/4″

  • BARREL: 4″

  • FINISH: Bronze TiCN

  • TRIGGER: 4-4.5 lbs

  • MSRP: $940

  • ADDITIONAL PARTS: Magwell extensions, 3x backstraps, backstrap tool, thread lock


Once again Shadow Systems proved me wrong. When I thought the MR918 was fine, they saw some legitimate points to be improved on. They made those improvements in a magnificent way. They took Shadow Systems to the next level.

The extended beavertail does not bother me at all. Luckily I have never gotten a Glock bite, but those who have will appreciate the change. The Recoil Control Ledge makes the gun sit tighter in my hands. That optics mount is amazing.

The biggest conclusion I have come to is Shadow Systems found some ways to significantly improve on the MR918. Some slight, the optics mounting not so much. I have absolute confidence that optic is mounted, and not flying off after 300 rounds. What I want in an EDC. What everyone wants in a gun they use for self-defense.

I love the MR920, with the new optic mounting system it is awesome, the most innovative gun I have handled this year. Innovative yet still an out of the box EDC. Congrats Shadow Sytems, you have proven yourself again. They are here to stay.

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