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San Diego, CA - JLab Audio, the #1 true wireless headphone brand under $100 in the U.S.*, was recently named a 2020 Fast Company Most Innovative Company. In fact, JLab was the #3 ranked most innovative company in the consumer electronics category.

As part of an elite group of companies, JLab Audio was recognized for its product innovation, making audio more accessible with true wireless options starting at $49 (at the time of the award application). Even since JLab has released a $29 true wireless option. Editor's loved JLab's focus on providing real technology and innovation to the masses. Here is what 2020 Fast Company had to say:

"For building a virtual fitting room for its best-selling, under-$100 wireless earbuds"

Additionally, JLab was excited to share its innovations that connect to larger issues within our industry:

1. Product and innovation

To continue to grow the consumer technology and headphones segment, consumers needed a more rounded product offering, especially a quality true wireless earbud with good features and battery life. JLab launched its $50 JBuds Air and expanded the product family with additional models - for consumers looking for a more business or sport focused product. With new models designed for specific lifestyles, consumers now have a selection that is different from Apple's white, unsealed earbud.

2. Augmented Reality + Headphones

Further helping consumers find the right true wireless for them, JLab launched a new virtual fitting tool that allows customers to try on earbuds virtually to see how each look in-ear. Trying on earbuds isn't possible in the US - nor is it recommended for hygiene reasons. Currently if consumers want to try on earbuds, they must purchase them and if they don't like them, return them to the retailers creating more electronic and packaging waste.

With JLab's Fitting Room, consumers can try-on earbuds virtually to see how they will look, without the hassle of purchasing the product and the potential waste of returning the item. With the accurate results of using our JLab's Fitting Room, JLab's return rate decreased by 25%, and the amount of customer's with products in hand increased by more than six times.

For the full article, click here.

For more information on Jlab Audio, click here.

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